About Me


I am originally from the beautiful islands of Fiji. After growing up in Fiji, studying in Mokpo, South Korea, Zurich, Switzerland, and Trento, Italy, I currently live and work in the beautiful city of Chicago, USA.


Before joining Amber Agriculture in Chicago as a Wireless Systems Engineer, I obtained my Ph.D. in Information and Communication Technology from the University of Trento, Italy under the supervision of Dr. Amy L. Murphy. I was also a member of D3S group and E3DA in the University of Trento and Bruno Kessler Foundation, respectively. My research involved the design and optimization of novel cross-layer MAC and Routing protocols for Ultra-Low-Power Wake-up Radios to enable Low Energy Internet of Things (LE-IoT).

Besides all this fancy technology, conceptual and theoretical work I like to be offline in nature, photographing, traveling, and doing sports.

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Honors & Awards

Ph.D with cum laude, University of Trento - April 2019
IEEE LCN Student Grant Award- September 2017
Woojung Education and Culture Foundation Scholarship for Masters Research - January 2013
Global IT Talent Support Program, Mokpo National University - August 2012