Rajeev Piyare, Seong Ro Lee
International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research, vol. 4, pp.1615-1621
Publication year: 2013


In this paper, performance analysis of ZigBee networks based on XBee ZB modules have been evaluated in terms of following performance metrics: received signal strength (RSSI), network throughput, packet delay, mesh routing recovery time and energy consumption in an indoor environment. Two main groups of network scenarios have been evaluated: (i) direct transmissions between the coordinator and the remote nodes, and (ii) transmissions with routers which relay the packet between the coordinator and the remote nodes. The wireless sensor node hardware designed for this experimentation consists of ZigBee (XBee S2 with 2mW wire antenna) wireless communication module from Digi International. X-CTU software is utilized for configuring and testing the ZigBee module of each sensor node. After configuration, the entire network is simulated in real time using Docklight V2.0 software. The results of this study are useful for building Wireless Home Area Network (WHAN) using the ZigBee where there are reflections due to indoor objects and also for scenarios where communication between nodes require multi-hop transmissions.