Rajeev Piyare, Seong Ro Lee
The Journal of Korea Information and Communications Society vol.39, Issue 9, pp.811-819
Publication year: 2014


Activity recognition is a key component in identifying the context of a user for providing services based on the application such as medical, entertainment and tactical scenarios. Instead of applying numerous sensor devices, as observed in many previous investigations, we are proposing the use of the smartphone with its built-in multimodal sensors as an unobtrusive sensor device for recognition of six physical daily activities. As an improvement to previous works, accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer data are fused to recognize activities more reliably. The evaluation indicates that the IBK classifier using the window size of 2s with 50% overlapping yields the highest accuracy (i.e., up to 99.33%). To achieve this peak accuracy, simple time-domain, and frequency-domain features were extracted from raw sensor data of the smartphone.